Health and Physical Education


Health and Physical Education

Understands the social and personal responsibility associated with participation in physical activity


Social Responsibility

Global Goal


Observation, feel, Teamwork, Communication

Age Group

11-12 years / Grade 6




This is an inspiring story of change where students of Payakoi Primary  School, Gujarat, India were bothered about one of their friends, who was not able to come to school because of his disability. They used a bicycle to pull him to school every day. When it broke, they took turns to bring him to school, sometimes carrying him. Played games he could join in and made him feel comfortable. With this experience of social awareness and teamwork, students can see a practical experience of how there can be simple solutions to problems around them. It is only a matter to Feel about them and then come up with a doable solution. 

Lesson Plan

  • Show the video (about 3 minutes). Reflection: How have you feel? Can you think about challenges that a person with disabilities has to face every day?
  • Work on teams. Each team has to think about a game/sport already done in the physical education class and adapt it to a person with disabilities. TIP: Each team can be given some instructions, for example, team 1 will have at least one with the eyes covered, simulating he/she is blind.
  • Communication skills: every group has to make other groups play to his adapted sport/game TIP: the person simulating injuries should change from time to time, so all can feel the difficulties.
  • Reflection: how have you feel after feeling it? Explain the importance to help as much as we can to people with disabilities.

           TIP: Want to show what you have learned to the rest of the school? Manage a challenge, create the “Paralympics day”!