Using Math shapes outside the classroom


Respect, Attitude of Gratitude

Global Goal


Collaboration, Creativity

Age Group

7-8 years / Grade 3

Learning Standards

Mcrel Grade 3 


Students should have the understanding of basic ‘Shapes, their Properties, and Measurement’.


With the Math learning shown in the video, students from Agastya International Foundation, Karnataka, India also get a practical experience of teamwork and increase their ownership for the school. It uses the core strengths of every student in the class who are good with writing, math, creative thinking, and collaboration.

Lesson Plan

  1. Show the video to the children. Discuss the way forward to replicate the idea in your school. 

  2. Show an example of ‘Bala Project’ that works under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan using the environment to show Math Concepts. 
  3. The teacher can divide students into groups and ask them to, “Think of the basic shapes and their properties. In which different ways can you create learning spaces around 'Shapes’?”
  4. The students go outside their classroom to identify the spaces that can be utilized for the project. One can use the classroom floors or corridors or assembly space. 

  5. Make designs for which different shapes do you wish to construct and in what sizes.: Measurement plays an important role here. Keep the younger grades in mind for whom this is being made.

  6. TIP: Teacher can take a quick recap session on measurement.

  7. Suggestion: Teacher can introduce the concept of ‘Area and Perimeter’ (For eg. :
  8. Vote for the most feasible idea to execute.

  9. TIP: Students should be encouraged to collaborate.
  10. Either paint or draw with a chalk or use bricks or small rocks to construct different shapes.

  11. Figure out which are the resources required: Budget, Generate Funds, Distribute Responsibilities.

  12. Execute: Create a space that can talk for its own self.
Use creative placards or small billboards depicting what these shapes are. “Hey, I am a square. I have 4 sides.”

  13. And of course, nothing is of value unless shared! Students can be encouraged to think of ways to share their stories with a wider audience – school community, parents or grandparents or other school students – Students can share it in their school and other schools in the vicinity. Celebrate the effort by giving a walking tour to the parents and other visitors. Social media can be used to promote the idea.