Cartography - 2D and 3D shapes



Global Goal


Team-Work , Observation

Age Group

7-8 years / Grade 3

Learning Standards

McREL Grade 3


Students should have an understanding of basic ‘Shapes, their Properties and Measurement’


With the Math learning shown in the video, students from Agastya International Foundation, Karnataka, India also get a practical experience of teamwork and increase their ownership for the school. It uses the core strengths of every student in the class who are good with writing, math, creative thinking, and collaboration.

Lesson Plan

  1. Look at the spaces inside the school and places around you.
  2. How well do you know the spaces around you?
  3. Talk about the art of cartography. Cartography is an art of drawing maps.
  4. Share about how it worked in the olden times. People used to venture out and constantly illustrate places they were going to Example: Columbus who left his country to discover the world. (show a visual of an ancient map)
  5. Show the recent map of their village/city/state. Ask them to observe the new map and compare it with the old style ones. 
  6. Share about the ’top view’, how all maps are illustrated keeping the top view in mind. Suggestion: Teacher can discuss ‘perspective’ as a word and help students understand it.
  7. Ask the students to notice the various shapes from the top view. It’s a combo of math and geography. 
  8. Suggestion: Take a session on 2D and 3D as you need to convert the 3D objects as 2D on the Map.(
  9. Give them a task of venturing out and illustrating their school area: Map out the building, the playground, the parking space, etc. Each student is putting an ‘x’ mark on their maps
  10. Put them into pairs and ask them to exchange their maps. The students will go to the ‘x’ mark put up on the map in their hands. Request to give a constructive feedback to each other: “Were you able to easily go to X?”
  11. Tip: You can play a treasure hunt with the kids.