Language Arts / English


Language Arts / English

Book Review



Global Goal


Reading and Comprehension, Writing for purpose

Age Group

9-10 years / Grade 4

Learning Standards

McREL Grade 4




This is an inspiring story of change from SAI International School, Orissa, India where students were bothered about children at Patiya School not reading as they didn't have a school library. These superheroes created a new library in an adopted govt. school by converting a storeroom into a reading space, launching book drive, recycling old furniture, painting the walls, and gifting them with a school library and an opportunity for the Joy of Reading. 

Lesson Plan

  • Hook: Write this quote on the board - “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” ― Dr. Seuss
  • Ask few students to share what they understand by this quote and lead them to discuss the importance of reading. Share about a superhero - Ankit Sahoo, the student from a school in Orissa, India and how he and his friends became changemakers by creating a library for Patiya school children.
  • Play the video BTC2013: Reading Rainbow -
  • Ask students to share the connection between the Quote written on the board and Joy of Reading?  What is one thing that you would have done differently than the students in the video to spread the Joy of Reading? 

  • Ask 2-3 students about which book have they loved reading and why. Ask students to write a book review which tempts others to read that particular book. Create a space in the class /library to display the reviews.

  • Suggestions:

    • Encourage students to create a Word Wall in the classroom and add all the new words and their meaning that they find while reading.
    • Also, ask students to get one of their favourite books to the class and create a Class Library.
  • Teacher Tip:
    • Ask students how can we infect our entire school with the bug of Joy of Reading? / How can one start or continue with this idea of Joy of Reading?
    • Put students into groups of 4-5 students each and ask them to proactively come up with doable ideas to infect entire school with Joy of Reading.