Create an app


Ethics and Mindfulness

Global Goal


Creativity, Designing, Problem Solving

Age Group

12-13 Years / Grade 7

Learning Standards

McREL Learning Standard for Grade 7 Technology


Understanding of how to create apps


In this remarkable story from Denmark, these young superheroes of University College UCC, teach us a deep sense of responsibility and ownership towards issues that universally affect us all, but that most of us turn a blind eye to. They show us that positive impact can be created by anyone and everyone and that you do not have to wait to be grown adults to drive a change. Instead of being bystanders of life, the students identified an opportunity of change in their community which was lack of cleanliness due to overflowing dustbins.

Using their creative ideas and digital knowledge, they found a solution to the problem, by creating an app to keep the dustbin content in check.

Lesson Plan


Read-aloud the following information for the students.

Garbage is everything that people do not want any more. A lot of garbage comes from people’s homes. Examples are food scraps, paper, plastic, bottles, tins, old rags, clothing, and bedding. Other things such as broken furniture, car bodies, and parts are also garbage when people do not want them anymore.

Garbage is also known as solid waste. This term helps distinguish it from the liquid waste (sewage) from toilets, showers, tubs, and sinks. If garbage is not disposed of properly it becomes a major environmental health problem because it can have the most unpleasant smell, can cause injury and it assists in the spread of diseases. People can cut themselves on broken bottles, tins, wood, and metal left lying around. Also, garbage has disease-causing germs which can be spread to people.

Garbage should not be dropped or left all over the ground. It is most important that garbage is disposed of properly. Proper disposal of garbage means its safe storage for a short period of time, proper collection and final disposal at the garbage tip.

DFC Video Activity:

Play the video BTC2013 Denmark: Crowdbin (

Activity: Share your ideas!

  1. What did the students in the video do about creating a cleaner community?
  2. Why is it important to care about cleanliness outside the borders of our home?
  3. Why is it significant to think creatively when looking for solutions?
  4. What is one thing that you would have done differently than the students in the video?

Activity (Create an app):       

Using popular vote, come up with a problem like cleanliness that needs a solution and that can be attempted using technology.

Once the problem is established, then, divide the class into groups of 3-4. Every group gets the same pack of cards that allow them to design their own app that aims to solve the problem raised. Every index card will be a question to which all group members need to discuss and come up with an answer. The key is us their imagination for this activity.

1st index card: What will be the title of this app?

2nd index card: Draw what the icon will look like.

3rd index card: Give a brief description of what the app will do. What are the benefits of the individual and society?

4th index card: Will it be free or will you charge an amount for it? If not free, how much would you charge?

5th: How would you advertise for people to buy the app?

Teacher Tip: Tell them about apps and show them one that is commonly used.

Closing the Loop and Assessment:

Emphasize on the idea that being aware of the cleanliness problem and making small steps like ensuring the usage of dustbins is a good first step in a positive direction. Stress on the concept of using technology to finding more sustainable and calculated positive changes.

At the close of the session, ask the students to think, pair, share about 1-2 actions they would do differently after this lesson.

Ask the students to complete the following self-reflection using the following rating scale:

1 = Not Yet, 2 = Need Support, 3 = Making efforts, 4 = Almost a habit, 5 = I CAN

  1. I am able to contribute to keep my surroundings clean _____
  2. I am able to think of multiple solutions to a problem_____
  3. I am able to build connections and create new opportunities _____
  4. I am able to identify resources around myself _____

Suggested activity: Identify a few situations in your surroundings that could use creative solutions.