Scientific Inquiry


Empathy, Excellence, Being Responsible

Global Goal



Age Group

7-8 years / Grade 3




This story from Gems High School, Dubai brings to us an example of innovation. The young leaders in this video teach us the importance of thinking out of the box and creating new and unique methods of change. The success of these young superheroes was determined by their ability to think and do differently than the rest.

While most the people in India have developed the mindset to overlook and neglect the dirt and filth in the surroundings, these students from Dubai visiting India decided to not ignore the unclean surroundings. With a positive attitude and creative thinking skills, these brilliant citizens of another country decided to create an impactful change in India by using the idea of ‘Singing Dustbins’. 

Lesson Plan


Read-aloud the following saying:

A famous doctor called Dr. Ruth once said: "Live life every day like a turtle." To get anywhere, a turtle has to stick its neck out and take a risk. So take come up with new, creative, and innovative ideas and take risks with the same every day. It's the only way to truly live and make a difference in the world.

DFC Video Activity:

Play the video DFC2015 Dubai: Singing Dustbins(

Activity: Share your ideas!

  1. Why should we worry about having clean surroundings?
  2. What are the small changes you can make to keep your surroundings clean?
  3. What are some of the innovations the world has seen in the recent times?
  4. What is one thing that you would have done differently than the students in the video?

Activity (What, Why and How):

By a vote of popularity in the class, determine the most important issue regarding cleanliness. For example – the class may come up with ‘Keeping germs away’.

Once established, ask the students to get in groups of 6 and get into a scientific inquiry. 2 groups can discuss the what (what are germs and where they come from), 2 groups can discuss the how (how to keep them away) and the remaining 2 groups can discuss the why (why do they need to be kept away) (total of 9 minutes) of the issue of ‘Keeping Germs away’. At the end of the discussion, the groups can share their information and scientific knowledge with the rest of the class.

The last few minutes can be spent in having an open forum to discuss and list all and any innovative ideas to keep germs away.

Teacher Tip: Encourage students to think of new and creative ideas versus ideas that successfully and unsuccessfully have already being done.

Closing the Loop and Assessment:

Emphasize on the idea that being aware of the cleanliness problem and making small steps like ensuring the usage of dustbins is a good first step in a positive direction. Stress on the power of using new, creative and innovative ideas when looking for solutions for change.

At the close of the session, ask the students to think, pair, share about 1-2 actions they would do differently after this lesson.

Ask the students to complete the following self-reflection using the following rating scale:

1 = Not Yet, 2 = Need Support, 3 = Making efforts, 4 = Almost a habit, 5 = I CAN

  1. I am able to contribute to keep my surroundings clean _____
  2. I am able to think of multiple solutions to a problem_____
  3. I am able to build connections and create new opportunities _____
  4. I am able to identify resources around myself _____

Suggested activity: Identify a few situations in your surroundings that could use innovative solutions.