Types of soil and factors responsible for a plants growth


Being Responsible, Grit

Global Goal


Problem Solving, Collaboration,

Age Group

9-10 years / Grade 4




This is an inspiring story of young superheroes from Holy Cross Lutheran, Hongkong. They were bothered about their school spaces with less greenery around. They took up the responsibility to get an understanding of different types of plants, how to sow the seeds and how to take care of the plants. They involved other students from their school to take care of the plants and finally were successful to create a greener school.

Lesson Plan

  • Hook: Show this video to your students and initiate the conversation with your students about ‘Why plants are important for us?’ Suggestion: You can show this video to establish the importance of plants in our lives. https://youtu.be/_F8kYkn49Ec
  • Articulate the relevance of having greener spaces
  • Ask students if they would like to identify a barren land on their school premise and turn it into a green patch.
  • You can take your students out of the classroom to identify a barren land.
  • You can take week-long Science sessions about different types of soil and which plants grow in which types of soil.
  • Let students make a list of plants that they feel are appropriate to grow in the soil quality of the barren land
  • Ask them to come up with ideas to generate funds for buying the saplings and to make the land ready for the saplings. Tip: Ask students to create a win-win deal and seek sponsorship for well-wishers and parent body
  • Make it a big day and call the school community (schoolmates/ parents/teacher team/support staff) to come for sowing the saplings. Tip: Can be done on the World Environment Day or School’s Founder’s Day
  • Get your students to come back to the classroom and think about making it a sustainable idea to look after the saplings. Who will water them regularly? Who will take care of them? Who all should be part of this caring group? How often should they go to take care?
  • Have review meetings for the growth of the plants
  • Ask students to make this Green campaign into a sustainable one. Which barren land would they like to take up next and make it green?