A Gateway to Science School Number 29, Baker Station, Uruguay




Solve problems and create situations with all four operations


Being Responsible, Developing Citizenship

Global Goal


Problem Solving, Collaboration, Creativity

Age Group

7-8 years / Grade 3


Conceptual understanding of all 4 operations


Get inspired by these young superheroes from School Number 29 of Barker Station, Uruguay, who were bothered about not having a Science Lab in their school. They set out on the journey of building and developing their learning environment in a creative way by going through different websites and learning programmes. Finally they installed new resources /equipments in their Science Lab and impacted 62 students.

Lesson Plan

Hook: Show this video to your students in your Math session and initiate the conversation by asking them what do they feel about these Superheroes from Uruguay. They saw a problem regarding NO Science lab in their school and they thought about a solution. Ask your students that ‘In which way can you make Math fun for your younger buddies in school?’

  • Ask your students if they have any idea about how the younger buddies feel about learning Math
  • What ideas can they implement with the four operations that they have learned to inculcate fun element for them?
  • Students can go spend time with younger buddies to understand their need.
  • Come back and brainstorm about different games that they can create to teach them different concepts
  • Take a week’s time to create those games by collaborating as a group Suggestion: You can create 4 – 5 groups and ask each group to work on a different concept.
  • Prototype the game with the younger buddies take their feedback if they found it exciting and then finalize it
  • Ask your students to go share this creative game with other students and teachers in the school OR share it in the school’s assembly. This will help them to inspire others.