JUST FOR KICKS (INDIA) Loknete Yashwantrao Chavan Vidyaniketan, Maharashtra, INDIA




Measurement of an area


Taking responsibility, Patience, Stamina / Grit

Global Goal


Measurement, use of different measurement tools, Collaboration, data collection

Age Group

7-8 years / Grade 3




This is an inspiring story of young superheroes from Loknete Yashwantrao Chavan Vidyaniketan Rashmi English Medium School, Pune, India. They were bored by just studying in the classroom without any physical activity and shared their concern with their teacher. They grabbed this opportunity of designing their own physical fitness programme and came up with a few exercises to get better with their football game. They not only impacted the students in their school but went out to 7 other schools in the neighbourhood and coached them for a football game.

Lesson Plan

  • Hook: Show this video to your students and initiate the conversation with your students regarding the Sports programme designed by the students.
  • Ask students about which sports/games do they like and list down the names on the board For e.g.: Football, Cricket, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho, Basketball, Volleyball etc
  • Ask them if they know what is the measurement of the playing grounds for each respective game and also how to measure an area
  • Introduce them with the formula of lxb=Area and also the different measuring units like mm, cm, meter, kilometer
  • Ask them to measure their own class.
  • Once when you feel they all are comfortable measuring the area, take them out on the playground and ask them to get into 4 groups. Assign a particular game to the group and ask them to find out what is the measurement required for that game and then create the outline with measuring tools and chalk powder.
  • As a teacher, observe regarding the use of appropriate measuring tools by children using to measure the ground.
  • Remind them how accuracy is key to measurement.
  • Close the loop: Ask the students regarding their own inputs as a team member – How did I add value to my group? What did I learn more about my peers and my own self-today?